The Approval Process

The application process is simple and Centres can receive approval in just 4 weeks.


Step 1 – Enquiry

Please email with your enquiry to include the following information:

  • Name
  • Training Centre Name and Address
  • Email and Telephone contact details
  • Website
  • Proposed number of students
  • The first course for approval including method of delivery, details of personnel and preliminary scheme of work.
  • Administration fee of £175 (payable via our website). For bespoke courses, the fee is £150.

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Step 2

DELTA will respond within 5 working days and will send Centre Application Documentation

Step 3

Submit the Centre Application Documentation. All sections must be completed in full.

Step 4

The Application is reviewed, and the Centre will be appointed a Course Provider Representative who will arrange a Centre visit

Step 5

DELTA will provide a report of the outcome of the application.

Step 6

If successful, the Centre will receive Centre Approval and approval to run one course. If further courses are required at a later date, the administration fee will be applied for each application.

See below for more information on fees and pricing.


For initial consideration to become an Approved Centre, a non-refundable administration fee of £175 is required with the application.

For accreditation of a bespoke course, the application fee is £150.

Once Centre Approval has been given, Centres can then apply for Course Provider Approval and can register students on our established courses at the fees given below:

Level 2 Award courses – £40 per learner

Level 3 Certificate Courses – £150 per learner

Level 4 Certificate Courses – £200 per learner

These fees include:

Level 2 Awards:

  • Initial registration and access to the online portfolios
  • Access to independent end-point assessment (two attempts)
  • Access to internal quality assurance if required

Level 3 and 4 Certificates

  • Initial registration and access to the online portfolios
  • External quality assurance of the online portfolios
  • Registration and entry to one written examination attempt (resits will have an additional fee of £65)

Addition of courses at a later date:

  • One off administration fee of £75 per course