Our Courses

Our courses meet recognised educational standards. Courses are assigned levels to indicate the level of difficulty and are given the status of either Award or Certificate.

Awards have up to 130 hours of training and are equal to up to 13 credits. Certificates have between 130 hours of training (or 13 credits) and 370 hours of training (37 credits).

All Level 3 and Level 4 Certificates carry a final examination, and completion of a Workplace Portfolio of Evidence.

All Level 2 Awards also carry a small, informal, independent final test, and completion of a smaller Workplace Portfolio of Evidence.

See below for courses available.

Level 2

Award in Cone Beam CT

Award in Dental Decontamination

Award in the Application of Rubber Dam

Award in Suture Removal

Award in Fluoride Application

Award in Plaque Scoring

Award in Dental Impression Taking

Award in Clinical Photography

Level 3

Certificate in Dental Imaging

Certificate in Dental General Anaesthetic Nursing

Certificate in Dental Sedation Nursing (IACSD Accredited)

Certificate in Minor Oral Surgery (Dental Nursing)

Certificate in Initial Orthodontic Assessment and Clinical Records


Level 4

Certificate in Advanced Oral Health Practice

Certificate in Paediatric Dental Nursing

Certificate in Dental Nursing for Patients with Special Needs

Details of all courses can be provided on request

Workplace Portfolio of Evidence

All Level 2 and 3 courses require completion of a Workplace Portfolio of Evidence. This is completed by the learner in real time, undertaking the practical aspects of the programme of study. They must nominate a suitable workplace supervisor to observe, assist and feedback on their performance. All practical evidence should then be collated and presented for assessment via the online portfolio system.

Our online platform is easy to use, established and straightforward. All users will be provided with full orientation prior to commencing course delivery. Our platform takes the learner journey from enrolment to certification in one accessible, fully auditable process.

Level 4

Delivered at Level 4, our programmes in Paediatric Nursing and Advanced Oral Health Practice require the learner to undertake more research, critical thinking and investigation into the topics they will cover. This is beneficial to anyone considering university. The full remit of academic writing is encouraged on these programmes and both learners and course providers who are inexperienced in this area will be supported fully to achieve their aims.

Final Examination

All Level 3 and 4 courses carry a final written examination. To ensure this examination is conducted fairly, we undertake the process via remote invigilation. All learners are observed in real time as they carry out the examination online. Our strict entry requirements and exam day protocols ensure all learners are provided with the best opportunity to succeed and remove the possibility of dishonesty. This serves to promote confidence in the learners’ achievements.

Students with special educational needs who require support through the examination can access additional services such as the assistance of a reader, or extra time allowance.